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United Nations Environment Programme 

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The United Nations Environmental Programme, UNEP for short, was established on June 5, 1972, in Nairobi, Kenya. It is an organization of the United Nations (UN) that was created with the purpose of guiding and organizing all environmental activities within its system. They strive to promote international cooperation on environmental issues, providing guidance to UN organizations and encouraging the international scientific community within the UN to participate in the formulation of policies for different environmental projects.  

It was established as a result of the 1972 Stockholm Conference on Human Environment. Ever since, this UN committee has encouraged socioeconomic international growth compatible with the protection of the environment.  The United Nations Environmental Programme is considered highly important, as it is the only UN committee that focuses on the preservation of our planet, above any human issues. It promotes the sustainable use of natural resources in order to improve the quality of life of populations around the globe. 

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