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Economic and Social Council

This is a Middle School Committee



Topic 1


Rise in homelessness in major cities

Topic 2

Implementing microfinance to alleviate poverty in developing countries

President: Sebastián Figueredo

School: Colegio Bolivar

President: María José Morales 

SchoolColegio Colombo Británico

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The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations. It was established by the UN Charter in 1945, with the goal of promoting dialogue in order to develop recommendations and solutions on economic, social and environmental issues, while implementing internationally agreed development goals. ECOSOC has an annual theme to assure a focused discussion among the member states. It is the central mechanism for the activities of the UN system and its specialized agencies; it also supervises the subsidiary and expert bodies in the economic and environmental fields. In 1965 and in 1975 the UN Charter was changed in order to expand the number of members from 18 to 54. 

ECOSOC has the goal of promoting a higher standard of living, full employment, and economic and social progress around the world. It facilitates international cooperation with regard to topics of culture and education, promoting universal respect for human rights.

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