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Examples for new delegates

Dear Rookie Delegates,

Here are some examples of work so that you get a better idea of how a model works.  Some of them were filmed in the last model, and some were made a few years ago with our younger students in the MUN Club.  We didn't always get it completely right, but we had fun practising!  Thank you very much to all the students who took part.

We hope that you will find them useful!

The Secretariat Team

How to do the roll call.

Motion to open session.

Explanation of a point of personal privilege

Point of personal priviledge to leave room. Delegate had already asked presidents in advance if she could leave early.


An intervention in middle school. When the delegate finished, the president reminded him not to use the first person (I/we) in debate.  Delegates must also never say "you". They can say "delegations such as France"

General procedure in the debate time including interventions, how to ask for permission to speak and a few things that you should not do!

An intervention in middle school.

An intervention in upper school.

A point of information to the speaker is done when another delegate wants to ask a question or clarify a point about what the speaker has just said.

General procedures including question to the speaker, point of personal privilege, use of correct language and motions.

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