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Ana Marcela Ramírez Cabal

Secretary General

Grade: 11th

Models: 12

School: CCB


Grade: 12th

Models: 11

School: CCB

Antonia Tascón

Academic Coordinator



Grade: 11th

Models: 8

School: CCB

Emilia Arabia

Academic Advisor


Lucas Hernandez

Chief of Staff

Grade: 112h

Models: 11

School: CCB

Letter from the Secretariat

Esteemed Delegates, Teachers, Sponsors, and Presidents,

Welcome to CCBMUN XX!

We are most honoured to welcome you to the twentieth edition of Colegio Colombo Britanico’s United Nations Model. We are truly excited to announce that this event will be taking place at a university campus, after the times of uncertainty that the pandemic brought upon.  We are happy that you have chosen to join us on this adventure!

CCBMUN has, throughout its long history, retained a reputation of being a distinguished event. In fact, we can proudly say that the model is a place of social, political, cultural, and philosophical discourse; a breeding ground for intellectual development; and a hive of logical, critical, and abstract thinking.

It is for this reason, that this year we have put together a team of the most valuable and talented individuals available to us. This team of presidents, crisis, press, and logistics will help the conference succeed. CCBMUN XX’s Secretariat team consists of: Ana Marcela Ramírez, Secretary General; Antonia Tascón,  Academic Coordinator; Emilia Arabia, Academic Advisor; Lucas Hernández, Chief of Staff; and Felicity Bedford, Faculty Advisor.

Upon careful consideration, it was decided that this year's model will be centred around a timeless theme: "endeavour". As a concept, it represents the aspiration for something better, which is so innate to humans. How we get to that something, varies; however, the effort it takes to obtain it is immutable. The United Nations in itself is a demonstration of humanity coming together and collaborating towards a common goal.

Our mission as a model is to create a pleasant environment that will allow for discourse, conversation, and problem-solving to take place, and will thus facilitate the process of understanding how important it is to embrace concepts such as cooperation to strengthen efforts, for the sake of producing well-capacitated individuals, whom one day may become figureheads of humanity.

We extend our warmest greetings and welcome you to CCBMUN XX, in the hopes that it is a fantastic experience. Endeavour to achieve, learn, and grow!


The Secretariat



Co-Chiefs: Martina Bernhardt,

Maria José Velasco


Chief: Carolina Agudelo

Sub-Chiefs: Michelle Karam, Natalia Solano, 


Chief: Laura Lopez

Sub-Chief: Sofía Gomez

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