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Daniela Ramírez

Secretary General

Grade: 11th

Models: 10

School: CCB


Grade: 12th

Models: 11

School: CCB

Emilia Arabia

Academic Coordinator



Grade: 11th

Models: 10

School: CCB

David Naranjo

Academic Advisor


Luciana Lozada

Under -Secretary General

Grade: 10th

Models: 15

School: CCB

Letter from the Secretariat

Esteemed Delegates, Presidents, Teachers and Sponsors,

The Secretariat and Faculty Advisor are honored to welcome you to Colegio Colombo Britanico’s Model United Nations in its twenty-first version! We are sure that this year’s model will be another great experience, and we are overjoyed to have you join us in it. 

As we enter the twenty-first year of this great tradition for our school and city, we want to remember what CCBMUN stands for and what it seeks to achieve. This model represents the global pursuit for knowledge, and the unstoppable search for solutions in times of uncertainty. Above all, this model is the epitome of the human need for connection, from the countries from around the world it unites, to the friendships that it fosters in its three days. We cannot wait to see how you all develop its essence further this year. 

CCBMUNXXI is composed of a stellar group of people who have given their all for the success of this model. This year’s secretariat consists of: Daniela Ramírez as Secretary General; Emilia Arabia as Academic Coordinator; David Naranjo as Academic Advisor; Luciana Lozada as Under-Secretary General; and Felicity Bedford as Faculty Advisor. 

Every single person that has participated in the organization and development of this model is a cog in a wider system of innovation and advancement for CCBMUN and the world as a whole. Without the cooperation of the Secretariat, the Crisis, Logistics and Press teams, and all of the Delegates and Presidents, this pursuit for change would be impossible. This is why we have chosen “Synergy” as this year’s theme for CCBMUN. Defined as “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”, this word encompasses the core purpose of the United Nations: to unite a myriad of organizations and individuals in the creation of a better world. 

We hope that in the three days of CCBMUN, you will profoundly understand the meaning of “Synergy” and practice it during this experience and beyond. We hope that you work alongside your peers in building solutions through the combined effect of your dialogue and research. We hope that you will walk out of the auditorium at dusk on the last day and truly feel that your separate efforts helped construct a brighter future for yourself, the model, and hopefully, the entire global community. 

Thank you for joining us in this adventure once more. It will be a pleasure to synergize with you!


The Secretariat



Co-Chiefs: Martina Bernhardt,

Maria José Velasco

Sub-Chief: Tomasz Lloreda


Chief: Gabriella Boada

Sub-Chiefs: Mariana Cardona 


Co-Chiefs: Mariana Jacome, Juliana Nieto

Sub-Chief: Maria José Nuñez

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