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Delegate Resources

Dear Delegates,

In this section you can access all the materials you will need during the Model. This page is divided in the following way:

  • Portfolio

  • Rookie Workshop

  • Draft Resolution Template


As a delegate of CCBMUN, you are required to hand in a portfolio before the model actually starts. This is in order for your presidents to make sure you have done some research about both your country and your topics so that you won’t get stuck or lost at any point of the debate.


Our portfolio has been designed to help you to do a clear and concise investigation,  enabling you to present a thorough declaration of your delegation's position. The portfolio is composed of 4 compulsory documents: 2 Opening Speeches, 1 Research Document, and 1 Nation Guide (the latter may not be required in certain cases).


GLS delegates are expected to check the committee guide for further instructions on how to do their portfolios.


You must send your portfolio via email to your Committee's official email (found on the respective committee pages) by the date published on the Events & Dates page in "About CCBMUN". Failure to send in a portfolio by this date will mean you will not be eligible to receive any award in the closing ceremony, unless there are special circumstances that have been approved by the Secretary General. 


The delegate portfolio is composed of the following documents:

Opening Speeches


  • One opening speech per topic - 2 in total.

  • Each speech must state your country's position for the topic.

  • It must be no longer than 40 seconds. One speech is given at the beginning of each topic.

  • The document must contain your name, delegation, and committee.

  • Each document must be named according to the following format: COUNTRY-YOUR NAME-TOPIC#-OS




Nation Guide 


  • One Nation Guide per delegate.  If you have to represent 2 different countries, you only need to write a nation guide for one of them.

  • The template provided in this page must be used.

  • The document must contain your name, delegation, and committee.

  • The document must be named according to the following format: COUNTRY-YOUR NAME-NG e.g. UK-SARA GOMEZ-NG

If you are representing a person rather than a nation, please ask your presidents what you will need to put in the portfolio.


Research Document


  • One Research Document per delegate.

  • The template provided on this page must be used.

  • Please use the font in the template.

  • The document must contain your name, delegation, and committee.

  • The document must be named according to the following format: COUNTRY-YOUR NAME-RD e.g. RUSSIA-TOMAS DUQUE-RD


You can find most of the information you need on these websites:




The following sites are examples of useful and reliable sites that will surely help you complete an excellent investigation in order to be well prepared.


Opening Speech Template

Nation Guide Template

Research Document Template

Opening Speech Example 1 

Opening Speech Example 2

If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, download the document onto your computer, then go to Drive and upload the document from the downloads folder.

Rookie Workshop

The Rookie Workshop takes place in the Colombo Británico a few weeks before the model and is designed for students who are participating as delegates for the first time in a committee.


The Rookie Workshop is vital for anyone who is taking part for the first time in the model.


Here you will find the  presentations of all the workshops, to help you to study a bit more for the model. Click on the icon to open the presentation.







Parliamentary Procedure



Dress Code

Delegate Handbook

Summary of Parliamentary Procedures

Model Templates

Press Release

Draft Resolution

Draft Resolution Example

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