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The Colegio Colombo Británico Model United Nations, commonly known as CCBMUN, is one of the most academically prestigious activities held annually in the city of Cali, Colombia.


It is nationally recognised for its academic level by various schools in the country. Furthermore, it is the only Model United Nations in Colombia held entirely in English, making it an excellent opportunity for complete immersion during a three-day conference, in which students practise both their oral and written skills in the language.


CCBMUN is an activity organised almost entirely by students, with help from our faculty advisor. This has proven to be an effective system, which not only involves students, but also enhances their learning process by transforming them into leaders within the community.


We have more than sixteen years' experience in the implementation of CCBMUN, ensuring that our models are, indeed, one of a kind.

Meet this year's Secretariat


Emilia Arabia 

Academic Advisor


Age: 16

Models: 9

School: Colombo Británico

Antonia Tascón

Academic Coordinator 


Age: 17

Models: 13

School: Colombo Británico

Ana Marcela Ramírez

Secretary General


Age: 16

Models: 12

School: Colombo Británico

Lucas Hernandez 

Chief of Staff

Age: 16

Models: 10

School: Colombo Británico

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