Social, Humanitarian and 

Cultural Committee

This is a Mixed School Commission

President: Manuela Paz

School: Colegio Hispanoamericano

President: Juan Fernando Castaño

School: Colegio Hispanoamericano

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Dear Delegates,


SOCHUM is the third commission of the General Assembly; as its initials indicate, it’s focused specifically on humanitarian, social and cultural issues, which means that it analyzes and discusses social structures, exposure to danger, and the application of human rights in different situations. This commission will discuss different ways to improve tolerance and transparency, and will also consider the creation of  new ecological and sustainable arrangements in order to provide new expectations for the world, starting with urbanizations.

We expect to see a high level of participation from our delegates, keeping in mind the humanitarian aspects of the topics, and focusing on the rights  of citizens. We hope you, as delegates and representatives of each country, can defend your ideals in a critical way by developing strong arguments, and proffering inclusive solutions which embrace global welfare.

Our best wishes,
Manuela and Fernando.

SOCHUM topics


Topic 1


Regulation of  freedom of speech and circulation of false information in the new era of mass media

Topic 2

Effects of fast fashion on society and the environment


Commission Guide:

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