Human Rights Council

This is a Middle School Commission

President: María Antonia Peláez 

School:  Gimnasio La Colina

President: María José Gallego

School:   Gimnasio La Colina

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Dear Delegates,

The Human Rights Council was founded on March 15 2006 by the United Nations General Assembly. This commission has some of the most controversial topics, and some of the most intense debates, in middle school. The topics in this council have no limits, from all types of discrimination, to some of the most violent and degrading human crises around the world. By itself, this is one of the most important commissions of the UN. Most importantly, Human Rights are a way of unifying many countries and dignifying people's rights.


As a commission, our task will be addressing situations of human rights violation and proposing possible solutions for them. We are hoping to see the delegates develop their full potential and defend their delegation's position, while finding  solutions to  global issues.

Your sincerely,
María Antonia and María José

HRC topics


Topic 1


Violence against non-violent protesters in the USA 

Topic 2

Penalisation of hate speech


Commission Guide:

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