Letter from the Secretariat

Esteemed Delegates, Teachers, Sponsors, and Presidents.

Welcome to CCBMUNXIX!

We are most honoured to welcome you to the nineteenth edition of Colegio Colombo Britanico’s United Nations Model. We are truly excited about the fact that we can announce that this event is going ahead on our campus after so many months of not being able to meet together.  We are happy that you have chosen to join us on this adventure!

CCBMUN has, throughout its long history, always retained a reputation of being a distinguished event, a place of social, political, cultural, and philosophical discourse, a breeding ground for intellectual development, and a hive of logical, critical, and abstract thinking.

It is for this reason, that this year we have put together a team of the most valuable and talented individuals available to us. This team of presidents, crisis, press and logistics will help the event to be a success.  This year, CCBMUN XIX’s Secretariat team consists of: Ernesto Estela, Secretary-General; Samuel Lundy, Academic Coordinator; Antonia Tascon, Academic Advisor; Ana Marcela Ramírez, Under-Secretary-General; and Felicity Bedford, Faculty Advisor.

As a reaction to growing political polarization, international disunity, increased social tensions, and emerging worldwide problems, we decided to centre this model around the concept of Unity. Global unity is, by all means, fundamental in this new decade we find ourselves in. We find it crucial to emphasize this concept given the issues humanity, as a collective, faces; from the pandemic to climate change, unity in the current day and age is indispensable.

Our mission as a model, and particularly so this year, is to create a pleasant environment that will allow for discourse, conversation, and problem-solving to take place, and will thus facilitate the process of understanding how important it is to embrace concepts such as unity and cooperation, for the sake of producing well-capacitated individuals, whom one day may become figureheads of humanity.

All things considered, we extend our warmest greetings and welcome you to the nineteenth version of CCBMUN. We hope you have a fantastic experience!


The Secretariat team