Group of Twenty

This is an Upper School Commission

President: Mariana Restrepo

School: Colegio Colombo Británico

President: Alena Munera 

School: Colegio Colombo Británico

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Dear Delegates,

The G20 Summit is an international forum formed by government leaders from 19 countries and the European Union. The forum started in 1999 as a meeting of the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from 19 countries, plus the EU, in which they discussed economic and monetary issues. In 2008, the Summit upgraded and began allowing the presence of the heads of state and the presidents of the European Council and European Union in the main conference, as well as having a smaller summit for the finance ministers. From that moment, the G20 was defined as the “premier forum for international economic cooperation”. Historically, the G20's main focus has been the guidance of the global economy, macroeconomics and trade, yet over the last years they have opened their agenda to a wide range of global issues which have a major impact on the global economy such as development, climate change, and terrorism, among others.

This is an extremely important organization, since its members control more than 80% of the global GDP, and especially in these times, when the world's economy is facing a huge and unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19, the decisions that this organization takes will drastically change the course of the economy for future years. In this commission, you will have the opportunity to represent one of these 20 nations and debate about urgent matters that have a drastic impact on the world's economy. Taking into account that this is an upper school commission, we have very high expectations for the debates that will be taking place. Finally, we look forward to having you in our commission; do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the model.


Yours sincerely,
Mariana and Alena

G20 topics


Topic 1


Shifting from an oil-based industry to prevent future economic recessions

Topic 2


Debt accumulation among emerging and developing economies

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