Group of Twenty

This is a Mixed School Commission


President: Maria del Rosario Carranza 

School: Colegio Colombo Británico


President: Pedro Restrepo 

School: Colegio Colombo Británico


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The G20 Summit is an international forum formed by government leaders from 19 countries and the European Union. The forum started in 1999 as a meeting of the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from 19 countries, along with a representative from the European Union, in which they discussed economic and monetary issues. The aim of G20 is to work towards economic stability, and since 2008, heads of state and presidents from the European Council have also attended the summit. Historically, the G20's main focus has been the management of the global economy, macroeconomics and trade, but over the last few years they have opened their agenda to a wider range of global issues which have a major impact on the global economy such as development, climate change and terrorism.


We look forward to seeing delegates use their skills to come up with solutions in order to solve the different problems presented during the committee. We are here to help you with any queries you may have about the topics or about the committee itself.


Yours sincerely,

Pedro and Rosario

G20 Chair

G20 topics


The transition to clean energy in developing countries and its effects on their economies

Topic 1

The unequal distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and its effect on the global economy

Topic 2 

The "Global race to the bottom" in corporate taxes

Committee Guide:

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