Security Council

This is an Upper School Commission

President: Tomás Jaramillo

School: Colegio Colombo Británico


President: Antonio Robles

School: Colegio Bolívar 

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The United Nations Security Council was established under the 5th chapter of the United Nations Charter the 26th of June of 1945. After World War I and World War II, the world had faced its worst expressions of chaos and violence, leaving humanity in diplomatic disorder and nations vulnerable to further conflicts. Henceforth, the victors of the wars decided to establish the United Nations (and its Security Council) as an international entity bound to prevent the outbreak of similar conflicts and to maintain worldwide peace. The Security Council is the main organism in the United Nations that works to maintain international peace and security, and addresses problematic issues present all around the globe to ease tensions and neutralize threats against its fundamental mission.


We expect our delegates to adopt an active position in the discussion of the topics, applying critical thinking and creativity skills to protect its nations’ interest in a tactical way, whilst ensuring international peace and security through novel solutions. As presidents, we are extremely excited to witness the progress of this commission, which has been of crucial importance in the development of the human race.


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Security Council Presidents - CCBMUN XVII

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