World Health Organization

This is a Mixed School Commission


President: José David Sandoval 

School: Colegio Colombo Británico


President: Sara Durán

School: Colegio Colombo Británico

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Dear Delegates,

The World Health Organization, established on 7th April, 1948, is nowadays one of the most essential committees of the United Nations. It guarantees the well-being of all people by directing, guarding and coordinating international health systems within the UN. With 194 Member States across six regions, and with more than 150 offices, the aim of the World Health Organization is to achieve a healthier future for every citizen around the world.  This organization endeavors to combat communicable and non-communicable diseases, improve health systems, and improve health through the life course, among many other goals. 


We hope that delegates will take full advantage of this year’s model, by using research, debate, communication, social and critical thinking skills in order to take an active part in some of today’s most primordial situations. We expect to see the best version of yourselves during these three hard-working days, with active participation, pertinent interventions, and the best enthusiasm towards the topics to be discussed. Overall, we hope you learn and enjoy your time as a delegate while debating these crucial topics that we have chosen for you. Good luck, and don´t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the committee or the topics!


Yours sincerely,

 José David & Sara

WHO Chair

WHO topics



The effects of standardized medical procedures in developing nations

Topic 1

The use of covid passports to control the pandemic

Topic 2

The implementation and development of Comprehensive Sexuality Education


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